Presenters’ Handouts

2018 Conference Handouts

Wednesday Keynote Presentation, Dr. Amy Loyd

STEAM Summer Camp: Start to Finish, Jennifer Butz & Tim Weaber

Finding STEM Resources Part 1: Grant Planning Demystified, Amanda Paveglio

Finding STEM Resources Part 2: Where/How, Amanda Paveglio

Creating a Community of Practice to Grow STEM, Jesse Maine

STEM in a Tank: Closing the Experiential Gap, Jesse Maine et al.

Elementary STEM Inquiry Based Learning Activities, Laura Hummell

Preparing for Tomorrow’s Local Labor Market, Winnie Black

2017 Conference Handouts

Strategies for Disciplinary Literacy in STEM, Lauren Beal

Getting Your STEM Education without Unmanageable Debt, Todd Capitao

STEM Micro Credentialing and Badging, Claudia Hunold, Betsy Saatman & Wendy Roush

Conceptual Integration of Engineering Design in FOSS, Nancy Martin & Helen Weber

2016 Conference Handouts

Bungee Jumps, Zip Lines, and Earth Quakes, Jennifer Abel

After School Experiential STEM Education, Matt Aden

A Mighty Environmental Literacy Model, Allyson Ladley Gibson

Scientific Literacy – Setting Students up for Success, Judd Pittman

2015 Conference Handouts

Flowing Into STEM Watershed Education

Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway

STEM: The What, When, Where, and Why of Implementation in Early Childhood

2014 Conference Handouts

Math Design Collaborative

Professional Technology Education Master’s Degree

Developing PA Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) for STEM

What is Effective STEM Education Really?

Use Games to Make STEM Fun and Cross-Curricular

Using PVAAS in Math and Science

Numbers Bee Improving Fluency

PA EbD STEM Network

Creating STEM Courses for High School Students

Elizabethtown Area HS STEM Challenge

Strategies and Resources for Teaching Bioengineering

2013 Conference Handouts

Jan Morrison’s Keynote

Yvonne Spicer’s Keynote

An Integrative STEM Approach to Teaching about Wind and Solar

Engaging Girls in STEM

Assessment Reassessed

Learning Blade

Literacy Design Collaborative

Problem Solving Pen Pals

Ultimate Design Challenge

Science In Motion

Elementary STEM Design Challenges