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STEMathon is organized to bring together STEM education professionals to network, collaborate, learn, and share ideas in order to improve and enhance STEM education at the local level, and increase capacity for STEM at the regional and state level.  The conference program is designed as an exploration into promising practices in the individual disciplines and integrative approaches to STEM education.  It is the premier conference for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in Pennsylvania.

The theme for STEMathon 2017 is STEM – It Takes a Community.  This year’s conference will examine STEM education from all community-related aspects including how to establish community partnerships to support STEM, how to acquire funding for STEM programs, and how to build STEM communities of practice. Formal K-12 STEM education, informal and out-of-school time STEM programs, and STEM opportunities at the higher education level will all be explored over the two days of the conference. In addition, successful strategies to create and sustain STEM ecosystems will be highlighted and celebrated as attendees learn from communities that are advancing STEM education for all students.