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STEMathon is organized to bring together STEM education professionals to network, collaborate, learn, and share ideas in order to improve and enhance STEM education at the local level, and increase capacity for STEM at the regional and state level.  The conference program is designed as an exploration into promising practices in the individual disciplines and integrative approaches to STEM education.  It is the premier conference for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in Pennsylvania.

The theme for STEMathon 2016 is Bring on the Bots!  This year’s conference will address STEM education through the context of robots and robotics education.  While academic and extra-curricular programs that leverage robotics to engage students in STEM learning are not new, recent advances make this topic worth further exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned robotics educator, work at a school considering its first robotics program, or are looking for new ways to integrate STEM into the curriculum, STEMathon 2016 will have something for you. If you have an interest in K-12 STEM education, e-learning, or robotics, you will not want to miss this one-of-a-kind conference designed to support and inspire K-12 STEM educators!