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STEMathon is organized to bring together STEM education professionals to network, collaborate, learn, and share ideas in order to improve and enhance STEM education at the local level, and increase capacity for STEM at the regional and state level.  It is the premier conference for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in PA.

The theme for STEMathon 2015 is STEM – Gaining Popularity or Losing Focus?  This year’s conference will address integration and the many acronyms that add a letter or two to STEM that have been gaining in popularity.  Whether it is adding an “A” for the arts or agriculture, or an “R” for reading, research, or religion, there is clearly a growing trend to shift the focus of STEM.  STEMathon 2015 will confront some of these variations of STEM with the intent to provoke thought, discussion, and reflection.