The theme for STEMathon 2014 is Dive into STEM.  While the term dive can be applied in a number of ways, this theme was selected to represent taking action.  In its first year, STEMathon sought to make the case for STEM education and provide a common foundation for educators to talk about STEM.  Just one year later, STEMathon 2014 is a “call to action.”  The term STEM has been used for over 10 years and yet STEM remains more about talk than action.  A collective “what are you waiting for?” needs to be had by all educators interested in STEM education and improving education. STEMathon 2014 is asking attendees to Dive into STEM – don’t wait for special curriculum, model programs, or an overwhelming body of research – just DO STEM!  So, whether you take the “dive” headfirst or feet-first, it is time to take action for STEM education.  Innovate.  Invent.  Dive into STEM.  Download the conference flyer here.

STEMathon is organized to bring together STEM education professionals to network, collaborate, learn, and share ideas in order to improve and enhance STEM education at the local level, and increase capacity for STEM at the regional and state level.  The conference program is designed as an exploration into promising practices in the individual disciplines of and integrative approaches to STEM education.  A number of educational organizations partner to make STEMathon a success including regional service agencies, institutes of higher education, professional teacher organizations, and the PA Department of Education.